Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calico Quilt

A poem I wrote awhile ago. But hey, it's my blog, I can put whatever I want here. :o)

The Calico Quilt 

I have memories all fashioned with laughter and cheers 
Bound together tightly with heartache and tears 
Each stitch is so precious 
One of a kind 
Creating a masterpiece.... 
A calico quilt in my mind 

The stitches uneven, the edges are frayed 
Each square is different but don't be dismayed 
It's highly treasured - one of a kind 
Made by many hearts, this Calico Quilt in my mind 

Mismatched squares by small little hearts 
Stained, worn and loved in so many parts 
My children so hastily put each piece in place 
The more that I held them the quicker they raced 
Each precious memory added a square 
Softly I touch the fabric laid there 

Many friends have added some squares of their own 
Their styles are different, but carefully sewn 
Bright flowers and rainbows...Dark Patterns and hues
Each memory woven, tho' not all construed 

Between the squares and framing each side 
Family has sewn many stitches with pride 
Childhood, teen years, mother and wife 
Bright vibrant images dance into life 

The most beautiful artwork in the center is found 
Each stitch is perfect; Carefully bound 
Christ took all my sorrow, my tears and my pain 
Transformed it to fabric with shimmering grain 
With colors so brilliant, it's hard to conceive 
What He did with this quilt, the hour I believed 

Tho' years of creating 
It won't be complete 
Until the day that I lay it 
At my Savior's feet 

But for now I enjoy 
The uneven stitches 
The brilliant rainbows 
The vibrant pictures
It warms my soul 
It is one of a kind 
This mismatched, tattered and loved
Calico quilt in my mind 

20 years!

My oldest, Portia, turned 20 today. It is incredible to realize it has been this long since I first held her in my arms. Where did the years go?

As I cuddled Benjamin in my arms today and think how far away 20 years seems, I realize it is just a blink. It won't be long until diapers give way to bicycles and bicycles to cars. It sure makes me wish I could hold the days a little tighter.

Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter. May you cherish each moment completely for when it is gone it is gone. 

May I hold my kids a little tighter today, squeeze them and smell their hair, listen to the giggles and nonsensical banter with contentment. May I touch their hands and contemplate their softness and may I read with them, play with them and laugh with them. May we make the memories we will hold on to because that is all I will have left of today.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Building a Foundation

Home School. A simple phrase that dominates so much in my daily life in both activity and thought. To be successful, all I needed to do was spend 13 years working to make sure my children were at the top of the class of kids a year older than them, athletically well trained and had some knowledge of any subject that could ever be brought up in polite or impolite conversation. Okay maybe not impolite but definitely the bizarre. :o) Watch out Jeopardy here they come!!

Okay, well seriously that might be an overstatement, but how much do I place my success as a parent on how well they are schooled. God knew what I needed!! Some girls that weren't going to cooperate with their training to earning a Nobel Prize. Having graduated one girl and starting at the beginning with another, I can sure see where God has led me.

When did our success become lined up with a worldy view? Have we traded academics for Godliness? The wisdom of man is foolishness to God. Yet we strive for it. Am I not more successful if my kids love God with all their heart, soul and mind? Isn't God pleased with my parenting when my children live as regenerated children of God? If my kids can't read a third grade level, yet surrender their wills to God's desire ... isn't he pleased? Does monopoly teach bribery when you have to pay $50 to each player when you are elected as chairman of the board? Uh, wait a little off topic.

We are refocusing this year with emphasis on Charlotte Mason, Teaching the Trivia and other similar teaching styles. Though I pray my children will progress far beyond a third grade level. I desire most to prepare them for the future God has in store. My goal isn't college. Yet, if college in is His future then so be it. (and He will provide!)