Thursday, January 14, 2010


My heart does rend the pain of sin that clutches at my soul
Who can climb free and finally be made whole
The reaches of the dark stained arms stretch far beyond my sight
It suffocates and twists and tears with a mighty fight

Oh! To tear away the scars it burrows in my mind
Lies piercing deep within my soul wrapping me in binds
Destroying all within my reach because I cannot see
But, alas, I beg who has the strength to finally set me free?

Not one, not one of mortal man can break the bond of sin
Oh, agony untold, of death that churns within
Deep within the heart, its darkness who can face?
This turmoil has to fall completely on Your Grace

Crushed beneath the weight I bear, broken deep within my soul
Yet through death, victory comes, and then He makes me whole
Oh life so sweet, He paid a price, He paid a price for me!
Liberating mercy, You died to set me free!

Oh beloved, don’t you know, you must call upon His name
Throw yourself on the cross and never be the same
You think you have the answers, yet you do not see
In Christ Alone! Through Christ Alone! By Christ alone! We’re finally set free!